Wednesday, May 17, 2006

yeah i'ma swimmer now!

keb moe a favorite singer of mine does a version of "flat foot floogie" at the end of the song a woman sings as sassy as you can, "yeah im'a singer now (prounounced like naa)!" you know it? met with coach cali this morning and she say's my technique is great ( i don't entirely agree, but i am improving!) now i need to focus on endurance and speed. she and i are going to the lake this saturday ( are you free to join us mia?) she also gave me some tips on my breaststroke and showed me how to tread water while moving forward! guh!! who knew??
she also mentioned that there are alternatives to keeping warm besides a wetsuit. there are fullbody swimsuits, long sleeved shirts and tights..i'm interested in the top for sure, you can go from one discipline to another in them too, so no need to wrangle out of wet gear.worth a look into at least. this is the most excited i've been after a swim EVER!!!!!!!!!

today is so nice i'm gonna pick M up early and head for her favorite place to swim Strawberry Canyon.
btw M did 15 laps run/walk on monday and 12 run/walk tues. i noticed pen marks all over the top of her hand and that's how they keep track of the number of laps. the program is for two weeks everyday at recess. the goal is 90 laps and then the kids get an ice cream party!
hey, whatever works i say!


LouBob said...

Yep! Whatever works. Wish I could join you too.

Mia Goddess said...

I'd love to go! I'll just stick to the gutter, so as not to get in the way of the super-speedies. :) And, happy belated Mother's Day! I loved that last post about little M. She sooooo knows how to push your buttons! Good for you for keeping her guessing.

christine said...

hey mia!
my email is out fishin! can only read 'em can't send 'em...please resend your #'s so we can coordinate for sat (i sent a bit more detail on your last post too)
i'll try calling you today if i can find the number in my phone!