Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Turning it around

today i was able squeeze in a swim at lunch.
the best way to get back in the saddle: remove all unfriendly conditions, replace with ideal (near perfect) ones and voila your back on track.
with temps in the mid 80's, a pristine olympic size pool and a lane all to myself, i swam for 30 minutes. my plan is to do this often and to buy a punch pass (1 month unlimited use for $60.00)
i stayed on the shallow end and alternated between freestyle and breast stroke. it's tiring and i can only do one lap w/o stopping and i take long breaks. this was my baby step to get back on track, it was only 8 laps but i loved every minute of it and that's worth everything to me right now. who knows, maybe by the end of the summer i'll be swimming in the big girl lane!

i want to be a stronger person, i want to deal with adversity better, i want to be less afraid, i want to rise above myself and see for the first time a real change.
when i look back on the initial impetus to start exercising, my first thought was weight loss "alright, it's a start".......then came the aquisition of new skills........"yeah okay were on to something", but now looking fear dead in the eye i see the real deal, i see the what i've come to learn (am still learning) taking the good with the bad seems too simplistic, riding out the dark low places and rising above stronger and clearer that's what i want.

i'll get there, albeit in the slow lane, i will get there!

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LouBob said...

OOOH you've redecorated your blog, nice! Keep on going with your attitude and you'll get to where you need to be!