Monday, May 01, 2006

Snap out of it!

okay, enough wallowing in the past.
time to move on and see what i can do improve the situation.

the upside:
-my first open water swim is over!
-i managed to finish the swim without needing to be rescued!
-i didn't quit!
-i've got some time to make improvements.
-nothing to fear but fear itself, corny but oh so true.
-i'm playing my edges, getting outside my comfort zone and that's always a good way to grow

for the record:

it was a rather stressful and busy weekend with getting M off to camp and settled, going back and forth between camp, training w/tri-club and back to camp!
......this is me trying to give myself a break loubob!

last place is a starting point, thanks for that susie!

and thanks mia for offering sound advice and moral support.

i'm scared but i'm not a quitter.


LouBob said...

Looking back in a positive manner, that's what counts!

Anne said...

That's the spirit, Christine. Keep at it.

tri buddah said...

even the most expeienced swimmers have trouble in the water occasionally, wetsuits are constrictiing and a little weird, but it has been my expeirence that the more I swim open water the better I got( a very relative term when it comes to me and swimming, trust me!!)and the lione I was told anjd I think it still works forme... what do they call the last person who finishes a triathlon? a TRIATHLETE!!! congartulations you are a triathlete , just like everyone else that finishes before us( And by that I mean evryone!)
Tri Buddha