Tuesday, June 13, 2006

4 days away

So, the amazing hip rocked his first tri. a great read as my 1st sprint is coming up. our practice tri was significantly more challenging then our upcoming event. this has me feeling strangely NOT nervous as saturday approaches. not to say i am w/o a few concerns. shifting gears is an on-going issue for me ...in all sectors.

in my usual manner i am a pile of contradiction. i don't particulary enjoy training with a group but i was disappointed when a fellow triclubber had to cancel (again) our practice swim at lake anza. prior to her cancelling i imagined some plotting and scheming as we worked on our open water swim together and perhaps considered another tri later in the season....weird, huh? then T needed a ride and later i ended up taking my mom-in-law to a doctors appointment. lake anza and thoughts of tri faded into the background.

just saw a glimpse of T this morning as M and I were heading off to school and he was coming home to change clothes after staying over with his dad lastnight. it's chilly outside with the possibility of showers later in the day and i should try to get a swim and ride in beforehand. my quads are sore from sundays run, yesterday was a restday. so nothing too hard today just keeping the engine primed for sat.

i've discovered that i can get more done with a busy schedule, though i'm not usually happy about it. for me as long as it's a short term crunch i can can manage but not so much when there's no end in site. i'm definitey NOT the type A personality that seems to gravitate towards this sport. i'm more like a B-, an impatient B-. see i'm a pile of contradictions.

i was moaning about how uncomfortable i am with uncertainty the other day. as if it's some solid fixture in my day to day world. the truth is nothing is for certain. life is full of surprises. why am letting this stuff with my in-laws suck the fun out of training and my upcoming event? I've worked hard for this but i'm not as excited anymore. I never considered not participating on saturday after poop hit the fan with the family, but i volunteered to carpool just in case, funny how i needed to do that to ensure that i wouldn't succumb to any excuses.
T spent sunday getting the yakima bike rack rigged up and there's no way i'm not showing up!!


I arrived at strawberry pool too late or too early depending on how you look at it. like the library i'm discovering public pools have goofy hours. so on a whim i treked up to lake anza for a solo open water swim...or so i thought. not keeping in mind this is the last week of school and most of them organize a lake anza field trip during this time. I was accompanied by at least 150 grade schoolers..........as i entered the beach one little boy was a bit too excited about the prospect of girls in bikinis and thongs!!

holy mary and joseph was it cold! much more so than the last time i was there. i tentatively waded up to my hips and just stood there for a minute. inhaling deeply i dove in and swam out to the lap area well away from the frolic. 4 laps (3 breast and 1 backstoke) and i was out of there. i tried freestyle but it was too choppy for me. i put in maybe a total of 200 yards. i walked quickly back to my car and headed back over to strawberry where the pool re-opened at noon. the pool felt like bath water in comparison and i swam another 30 minutes alternating between drills and real swimming. nothing especially grueling. i then hit the workout room for an even briefer ride on the stationary bike, i was at around 13 minutes when the phone rang, ok, brick officially over.

i have a headache and i'm hungry. i need a nap too!


psbowe said...

That's great to know you're committed for sure, so we expect a race report. :) Yeah, funny things always happen with family...but that's the way it goes.

jeff said...

thanks for the shout!

man, i wish i had a lake i could practice in localy. plenty of ocean, but i'm not quite ready for that, yet.