Friday, June 09, 2006


Can you tell I'm bored with Bloggers template choices?

The census at work is low and I had the option to work or not...I chose the later. I should run but don't feel like it. I know it would make me feel better but still I can't get going. I didn't feel like running Tuesday either but I did. Wednesday I swam. Lastnight I worked HARD on the bike in the Piedmont Hills Area. This morning M and I walked part way to school and afterwards Brandy and I went to Ceasar Chavez for a little bit. It's been too long since we've done that and she was a happy dog. I guess it's okay to chill out today and clean up this place. Sheesh what a mess!!! My home feels more like a transition area than the calming santuary I'd like it to be. Is that realistic or just some bullshit phrase put out there to make me feel guilty about my lack of house pride??

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teacherwoman said...

Hey, I think we need to clean up our surroundings every once in a while to feel at peace! Even it if means taking a "rest" day to do so!