Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Summer Lineup

So, I'm registered for 2 events in August. Another Pleasonton Tri4Fun 8/19 and my first 20K trail race in Oaklands Redwood Regional Park 8/27. I was planning to sign up for a 12K trail race at Angel Island to run, but decided to volunteer instead. I'll be working the aid station 7/8.

This morning I headed over to Tunnel Road and worked my way to the above mentioned Redwood. Now this was a perfect ride. Long gradual climbs, a comfortable ride all around. I didn't want to work too hard as I plan to hit Redwood tomorrow for a run. The Montrails are itching to get out again, especally now with the super comfy gel inserts. Pure pleasure they were on yesterdays short run, we'll see how they hold up over the long haul.

Okay, that's it for now. M and I are headed to Marine World for some serious rollercoaster riding!

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Fe-lady said...

Sounds as if you live in an area that I would love. I have the "Redwood Trail Races" bookmarked and they sound like so much does the roller coaster riding!
Thanks for visiting my site and have fun "finding" that little girl again. I am sure roller coaster rides help a lot!!! :-)