Sunday, June 25, 2006

Redwood Regional Park

I headed back up to Redwood this morning, the same way I rode yesterday, turns out I put 20 plus miles in the saddle roundtrip, that's 1/5 of a century!!!
So, with Brandy in tow we hit the trail @ 7:50 am, a little later than I usually like to run, but the race in August starts at 8:30 am and well I need to adjust. The $30.00 gel inserts held up fabulously(worth every penny!), as did the $16.99 sports bra from Target however the $40.00 asics shorts insisted on wedging themselves between my ample bottom...once I accepted these terms it wasn't so bad except about 50 minutes into the run I grew painfully aware that I failed to remember to use bodyglide on my delicate upper thigh area...ouch! A pity too, I could've gone longer but had to stop after an 1hr 20 minutes due to the increased chaffing, that and the fact that Brandy was whooped! It was on the warm side and she'd plop down on the trail every so often with her tongue hanging low drawing all kinds of attention from the other dog people and I felt bad for not bringing some water for her. She had a big drink once we looped back around and again plopped down and buried her nose deep into the water bowl.

M is making blueberry pancakes and we are going to IKEA to look for some kind of wall storage unit in attempt to get the dining/family room organized. You got to be creative when you live in a cottage.

I love Sundays, have a good one!


susie said...

Look at you registering for all these events. You've turned into a mighty fine athlete, Chris. Sorry about the chafing, but isn't it cool that you can just whip out an hour and 20 minute run without any other problems?

psbowe said...

Ouch, not fun when that happens. One of the reason why I try not to take a long break from running, gotta keep that skin tough...

Nice job on running over an hour!

Jennifer said...

Oooh- no bodyglide, I've been there! Been there with the dog thing too- people sometimes look at us like we are torturing our dog when we take him out (Chow-Lab mix)...he is quite dramatic...if they only knew how much energy he has!