Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Exploring Redwood

I stayed up waaaay too late lastnight watching this really weird movie "Birth" w/Nicole Kiddman....I was both riveted and creeped out and didn't get to bed until nearly 1:00 am!!
Not so conducive to the long trail run I had planned.

With my expectations lowered I went about getting M ready for camp, dropped her off a little past 9:00 am and "snaked" (the street is really named Snake Rd.) my way up towards Redwood Reg. Park

I hit the Westridge trail for a change of pace. It had been awhile since I went this way and quite alot of it looked unfamiliar. I veered right past the staging area and before long my wide fire trail became a weeded single track that meandered through more tall grass. I noticed brilliant red poison oak tangled in blackberry bushes and was careful to avoid it. I turned around and got back on the main trail then on to Redwood Grove and discovered a swimming pool, huh! who knew? Today was not only hot but humid and I looked longingly at the pool before heading back. I kept well hydrated and added a banana GU to my Mango/Fruit Punch Gatorade concoction. It sounds gross but was actually pretty good. I ran for 60 plus minutes and then hiked around the park for another 45 minutes.

It's funny that when I first started my walk/run program I was really consistent and was careful not to do too much too soon. I think I've been a little reckless lately jumping around so much distance wise. So far, no major aches or pains or set-backs of any kind...but thinking it through, seems like my running needs to get a revamp. I just figure I need 2 short and one long (ideally) often resulting in one of each because the swimming and biking need time too.
I have noticed the benefits of cross-training though. I'm sure the fact that I've managed to stay relatively injury free is a main point here.

Anyways, I was remembering how I started to build endurance through a walk/run program and thought why wouldn't that continue to work as I move towards longer distances. During the hike portion of todays workout I sprinted up a little hill- mostly to get in the shade and just that little bit of effort assured me that I'd be walking back the rest of the way! Jello legs, just like the bike to run transition...Still, it's always kinda cool to me when my body reaches it's limits, when true fatigue kicks in. More evidence that I'm getting out of my comfort zone.

So far this week
7/16 -7/22
Sun-3 hr./25 plus mile group bike ride.
Tues-Brisk 30 minute BART TRAIL run
Wed- 60 minute trail run, 45 min hike
Thur-REST or swim
Fri-30 min run
Sat-? /Bike

I should be swimming on most REST days now. I'm pretty sure I'll get another run in on Sunday. Not really sure but a tentative plan is better than no plan I suppose.

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