Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Workouts Just Suck!

No way around it, sometimes they just do! This mornings run got off to another late start and 10 minutes into it I knew it was gonna be sucky. Hot and bothered I pressed on the BART TRAIL... half way out I pulled off my shirt running in my sports bras ( I wear two) I usually reserve this lack of modestty for the remote trail runs but it was too freakin hot! Got back home in time to grab my gym bag and M then off to camp.

I wanted to swim as well, so I headed over to the pool near my job. It was hotter and later by this time in and as usual I short changed my warm-up and after a few short laps I switched over to the longer lane for a few more. I wanted to get to work by 11:00 so I only swam for 30 plus minutes. I felt rushed and didn't have a handle on my breathing and well the swim sucked too! Unless I don't have to take M to camp and get to the pool near my job really early, I always feel rushed. With the weather warming up there is every reason in the world to drag my tail out of bed earlier.

Oh well, sucky or not at least I made an effort. I did REST yesterday, which was why I chose to run and swim today. Thinking about it now I should've just kept to one or the other instead of rushing both. Live and learn.

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susie said...

I admire you for getting out in the heat, Chris. And double duty, too! Count it as two in the bag!!