Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A new twist on an old favorite

This morning I wasn't particulary motivated but with my events looming on the horizon I needed to get a few things done. I rode my mountain bike over to Strawberry pool expecting to swim at 7:30 but discovered the pool didn't open until 8:30....that's typical... me not looking at the schedule ahead of time! So I ventured up the road a ways to the trailhead and went for a decent ride . I noticed a bulldozer off to the side of the trail and as I worked my way up I could see many places where the trail had been worked and lots of loose dirt. As I peddled along my thoughts drifted to a show I watched the other night on the Discovery Channel about cougar attacks....they like to grab there victims by the head and I wondered if my helmut would make a difference in the event of an attack....such lovely thoughts!! By the time I got to the foot of Big Bertha, her steepness combined with the loose dirt made it impossible for my tires to grab the road and I had to walk my bike up....that was harder than running up! I stopped at the top to catch my breath, saddled up again and proceeded upwards.

The perspective going up on the bike was a pleasant change from running. I was more relaxed and seemed to notice more things along the way compared to when I'm running. I only planned to go as far as I could until 8:15 so I could turn around and be back at the pool by 8:30. The ride down was really fun and when I got to Big Bertha I noticed a couple of hikers heading up. I dismounted and walked until they passed by and than got back on and had the descent of my life......steep and fast (pretty fast...the loose dirt put a damper on my enthusiasm) Woohooo!
Rounding the corner at the bottom of the hill I slowed down for another hiker and just cruised back down to the pool.

Now let me just say, Strawberry is one of the nicest pools in all of Berkeley and as a result is quite popular especially in the afternoons and evenings. Early birds get the bonus of less crowded lanes for sure. I was the second person in the pool today and had a lovely lane partner who wasn't huffy cuz I was slow and we'd chit chat a little every so often. Today I concentrated on my kick, staring down at the bottom of the pool to try to maintain a more horizontal position and slowing down so I'd have enough energy to keep going and not have to rest every lap....the slower I went the better my breathing went. I'd go 25 x 2 before a rest....and rest breaks are getting shorter. As usual I lost track of how many laps I did.
I swam for approx. 40 minutes and then headed home. What a difference from last nights workout.

I managed to get out of working 2 days early so vacation is officially on! Need to clean the nest and finish up laundry so I can start packing. I went to AAA the other day for maps and guide books. For the first time ever we've booked 2 rooms, so M will have her own space ( or rather so T and I will have our own space! M is less excited about this than we are, but I know we'd probably go crazy in the same room for a week!) We're staying at the Hilton one night in Universal City (T had two nights comped from a job he did for them, so we'll stay there the first night and then the second night when we head home) The rest of the stay(5 nights) will be in San Diego at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina. One detail I haven't figured out yet is how to store the bikes, since we're staying at the Hilton the first and last nights, I'm a little hesitant about schlepping our 3 mountain bikes through the hotel lobby..........T thinks it's okay to lock them up on the rack but I'm not so sure. I could pull out one of the rear seats of the Element, but that would make it less cozy for M...what to do?

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Anne said...

I can't vouch for the Hilton since University City is usually associated with condos and a big shopping center, but you'll love the view from the Sheraton. Be sure to run along the embarcadero if you can. It's right outside your doorstep. Hope the weather's good for you. This heat is awful.