Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday Night Workout

Tracy and I got together for a swim lastnight....we rode our mountain bikes from my house to Strawberry Pool. The ride wore me out as the mountain bike on the asphalt hills is a wee bit harder than on the road bike...I figured it was more good cross training.

Tracy is a strong rider, commuting from El Cerrito to Emeryville everyday while pulling her 30 pound son along in a side care! In addition to the Tri4Fun coming up in Aug, she and another friend are doing the Mermaid Tri in Santa Cruz.........she's trying to convince me to enter but I'm not ready to tackle to the ocean yet! Hell, I still need to get my butt in the lake. I'll more than likely tag along as support and maybe even make a girls weekend of it.

Anyhow, the bike ride was short but challenging. Swimming after biking was harder than I expected....I understand better why the swim is the first event in triathlon, you want to be as fresh as possible when immersed in water! I was tired and sluggish plus the fact that I'm not a regular night time exerciser really challenged me. We agreed that it was an ok effort on it's own and gave ourselves extra credit on account it that was monday night afterall! We're gonna try a swim/run when I get back from vacation. As much as I prefer to workout in the morning, I'm willing to give the evenings a try. Mixing things up should make me stronger too, right?

Did I mention that at the Triclub get together last week that I won yet another prize(a pair of Yanx) during a raffle? This is the 3rd time I "won" something as result of being involved in running and triathalons...Funny thing, I'm not a "lucky" person per say...I'm never caller "9" when I try to win concert tickets on the radio, I never win anything from the school raffle despite purchasing an entire book of tickets and I have extremely bad luck with parking tickets.

Strangely though, my luck seems to improve whenever physical exertion is involved. Like the time I won a bottle of vitamins at the gym, or the $75.00 Fleet Feet gift certificate just for wearing Montrails at my first trail race. I've won a couple things since starting triathalon too, the racing belt and the now the Yanx...kinda cool, kinda like the universe is rewarding me for putting in the effort. I need to reflect more on my good fortune and how the training draws good things into my life. How about you?

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