Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reverse Briquet

Once I settled on a running route I ended up taking the BART trail as far as Central, I then cut over to the BAY trail that runs parallel HWY 80. I then veered right over towards Golden Gate Fields behind the race track. I then noticed the Albany Waterfront Trail and remembered finding those dirt trails last year, that's when I had the idea to come back this way after the run with my mountain bike. I cut across the parking lot and up the big hill behind the track, then down and left on Gilman, the home stretch.

In my haste to get going before it got too warm, I left the house w/o any nutrition, only a few sips of water. When I got home I mixed up some GU electrolyte powder with water, jumped on the bike and rode over to the bagel shop for another thing of Gatorade. I just wasn't hungry and forgoing the sun block actually made the humid conditions more tolerable.

I basically rode the same route I ran except I goofed around a little on the single dirt tracks and went as far I could on them before hikers and really rough/narrow trail conditions forced me to dismount. I turned around and headed back up and over the big hill behind the race track and cruised home.

The bike ride following the run was sweeeeet! The cool ocean breeze and scent of salt water in the air washed over me as I rolled down the backside of Golden Gate Fields.
I feel calm and collected which is exactly where I need to be as I head out for a... huh lets just say obligatory family function.

I came home from Borders yesterday disappointed in the lack of appealing titles and ended up getting the 3rd Travelling Pants Book and a non-fiction book disguised as a present for T (the big guy turned 52!).....Stumbling On Happiness....thanks Anne..I noticed it on your sidebar....but hey, I'm still taking suggestions...luckily it doesn't bother me to read during the drive (except for when I'm driving, then it gets tricky!) and it's gonna be a long drive to San Diego this thursday.


Lara said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the morning!

teacherwoman said...

nice workout!