Monday, August 28, 2006


Heh, yeah I'm sore....quite sore actually....not exactly hobbling around but my gait is a little off.

A few things to remember for future runs would include using body glide along the sports bra line. I've got a nasty bit of a burn under the breastline and a little on top too! Ouch!

I will continue to walk more during these types of runs....and I won't let my ego get in the way. Energy conservation is muoy importante to succeed.

I will continue to chat with folks and not feel the need to catch-up or make -up for lost ground....this IS a social activity and I like the folks I'm meeting.

Despite having got swept up in the pace of others and tiring myself out prematurely, it was kinda cool keeping up with some exceptionally fit athletes....they made me push myself harder than I ever would on my own....and that's ok....sometimes.

Incorporate more walking into my training runs, get used to it, realize the benefits and stop feeling wimpy about it....these longer , harder runs will depend on my ability to pace and conserve wisely.

Chatting with Karen a bit as she came in from the first loop yesterday, she encouraged me to hike the next 10K....HA HA HA ....I was too pooped to even walk anymore (plus T had left by this time and M was waiting for me).....I'd like to do that the next time though. Walk 10K after running 20K.

The downhill portions really wreak havoc on the toes.....I need to practice more backward descents on the downhills.

I'm looking forward to a nice recovery swim today!

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