Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wildcat Gorge

It's normal that other things(running) would take a back seat to a new discipline (swimming). But running is a jealous mistress and will get quite bitchy if you try to pick up where you left off.

The mist was thick at Wildcat Gorge today. We (Brandy and I), the Nano and the new trail shoes (Adidas SuperNovas) were in for a nice slow 3 mile loop. Jill Scott cooed in my ears as I putted along the trail. My quads were still sore and my stride was stiff to say the least.

Stopped to fiddle with Nano once, I must've bumped it cuz it paused. I chose to use the handheld water bottle cuz it has a nifty little pocket for the Nano....I still don't like the handheld cuz my hand sweats almost immediately.

The legs started to loosen up before long and I pick up my pace a little. I practiced a little backwards running on a mild descent...not very steep at all...just to get used to traveling backwards. The new shoes were a bit stiff, the footbed especially, but the toebox is nice and roomy and I noticed my toes didn't jam on the steeper downhills.

I was really grooving to a song when...doink!! I wrenched my ankle but good....I yelped and hobbled for a moment. I was able to put partial then full weight on it and started to run again...slowly and before long the pain disappeared. Whew!

We were done with the loop in a little over 30 minutes and after a quick drink we headed out for a second one. This time I included a walk break, Brandy was looking tired and since I need to start incorporating more walk breaks, it seemed like as good a time as any.

The run/walk/run transitions are as challenging to get used to as any brick I ever done. Trying to run again after walking for a while feels...well...just weird....like your running through water or an invisible barrier....definitely something to work on.

As in the previous loop, Brandy found her mud hole and completely ignored me (like the first time) when I called out "NOOOOOOOOOO!" When we got back to the house she didn't even protest when I hosed her down...like me she's come to except a little discomfort in exchange for the Big Picture. I wonder if she gets endorphine rushes....she sure is happy after a run though.

Me too:)


Siren said...

I loooove running with my dog(s) (can I assume that's what Brandy is? Haven't had a chance to explore your archives yet) - they're just so goofy and innocent they make me see the whole thing in a happier light.

LouBob said...

It could have been worse. My dog like to roll in horse crap and dead things, then cuddle!

christine said...