Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finding My Inner Fish

This has been a VERY good week for the swim.

The mother-freakin-ass-kickin swim....

I tell ya, up until quite recently it's been All Work and No Play....

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe...Gasp....Cough...Sputter...Repeat

.......Just get-er-done, ya know?

I think I'm starting to actually LIKE the pool at least....I'm so much more relaxed and the breathing isn't a struggle anymore....I'm still slow as molasses....but I'm relaxed and I take fewer/shorter breaks and I'm enjoying myself...not rushing to get it over with. I'm soooooooooo glad I didn't give up (God and anyone who's ever read this blog knows I wanted to about a hundred times!!!) This feeling of accomplishment is very satisfying.

Tonight, Tracy had to bail due to some work I swam by myself at the El Cerritto pool, before I even got out of the locker room, my goggles broke! Snapped right at the nose bridge. (crap! but better tonight than Saturday!) I swam about 300 yards before my eyes started to burn....I then zipped over to Big 5 for another pair with thoughts of returning to pool to swim a little more...and well, you was too hard to get back in for only 15 minutes before the pool closed.

Swimming without goggles wouldn't of been so bad if my eyes hadn't started to burn, visibility was a little blurry but I could see well enough. I shared a lane with 2 other guy's, both were faster than me but they just swam around me and didn't appear perturbed at all. The majority of people I meet exercising are usually pretty nice, fortunately the jerks are few and far between.

I ran for twenty minutes this morning just to stay loose. Tomorrow M and T are meeting friends in San Francisco to watch the Giants vs Dodgers.....I'm gonna stay home and get my gear ready, eat a good dinner and get to bed early as Tracy will be picking me up Saturday at 5:30 am.


LouBob said...

Stay loose and enjoy yourself! Have a good one.

Black Knight said...

And what about swimming in open sea? The pool is terribly boring!

christine said...

Hold on there Tanto.I'm still warming up to the lake!

Mia Goddess said...

Go Chris, Go! I'm so excited for you!