Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pre Tri4Fun #2

With Tri4fun #2 a mere 4 day's away I'm feeling pretty good....and getting excited. Since getting back from vacation my routine has started to kick in and I have LOVED the past few workouts.......even the not-so-great-ones....the mental training you get out of a crappy workout is invaluable on race day.

This past week I learned that I did not forget to learn how to swim...I'm just slow to warm-up and that I prefer warmer temps. I found a Masters group that gets together 4 dyas a week at a pool near my house. I met the coach last saturday and she was quite nice and I fet at ease with her immediately.

I bit the bullet and got myself a Nano.........after chit chatin with Mia's Erik at Tommy's B-Day Party last weekend...I got the techy bug....I got to thinking that now that I'm running for longer distances and with the inescapable indoor workouts of winter looming on the not-so-distant horizon....that I finally deserved to indulge in some high tech gadgetry.

A side note....it was kinda cool being introduced at the party as Mia's running friend...a few times a mom would ask "who's mom are you?" you know, how you do at kids party's and I would say mom of M, though I know Mia from an on-line running community and that's how our kids met.....Then Mia positively gushed as she explained how I got involved with Triathlon's....that felt very cool . BTW, Mia Goddess is HOT!

I also found a cool hydration belt at See Jane Run for under $40.00. I froze the bottle's and went for a 5 miler on Sunday (after riding to Inspiration Point...... with 15-20 minute transition) I noticed the added weight from the frozen bottles and it tended to shift to the left side no matter how taught I pulled the cinches down...but I got used to it and now it's my new favorite hydration system. The belt has a nifty pouch in the middle for nutrition and I'm pretty sure the Nano will fit nicely.

On the nutrition front, I've been experimenting like crazy. Eating and Not Eating prior to work
outs....and the concensus appears to be I do better on a near empty stomach....taking in liquids as I go. A Gu and sour gummies are a good pick-me-up about 45 minutes into a workout and seem to be enough. It's weird, the peanut butter toast I usually ingest prior to running tends to cause indigestion on run's longer than a hour...weird huh? I've been 80% true to my vitamin and joint supplement use...and Never-Not-Once gave the flax seed a try....it's just sittin in my fridge no doubt rancid as hell....

So, this week will be a keep-loose-week moreso than a taper.... short run today, yoga on weds, swim or run w/Trace thurs and Go Time on Saturday!


LouBob said...

Oooooh high tech gadgets! What's your nect toy. Once you start it's hard to stop.

christine said...

let's see if I can figure out how to use this thing first!

Sherri said...

Good luck on Saturday, Christine! You'll do great! And I'm with Loubob, the gadgets are addictive but so fun!

Mia Goddess said...

C ~ HA! I think you should bill Erik for the nano, he's always jazzing people up into buying "toys". It's his favorite thing to do.

I have two of the CUTEST pictures of you two from the party, I'll email them when I download from the camera. I got one of the mom's running with me the last few days since the party, and she's STILL raving about what a rock star you are. I know, I tell her. :)

Can't wait until Saturday, and remember, it really was 15 minutes!

christine said...

I may be calling on dear Erik for technical support!
I've been back to Curcuit City twice already!

susie said...

You are sounding so upbeat! I'm glad the training is going so well. Enjoy the Nano (once you figure it out) :)

christine said...

it's about time I was in an upbeat mood!