Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good Stuff

A Crown Book Outlet has replaced the lame overpriced Home Expo in Concord. All books were $5.00!!! I like adventures and jouney type stories, here are few I picked up:

Touching the Void
by Joe Simpson

Along the Inca Road -
A woman's journey into ancient empire
by Karin Mueller

My Daughter, the Mountains, and Me
Two for the Summit
by Geoffrey Norman

My Invented Country -
A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile
by Isabel Allende

M is disappointed to be in the 4/5th grade class this year.....very disappointed actually....inconsolible...not a fun day being the mom..... She's convinced that she'll be deprived of a proper 5th grade education and will be treated like a certain horrible little boy that's been in every class since K will be in her class AGAIN.....she's having a bad day needless to say.

Feeling good about tomorrow's race. I got the nano fired up and am looking forward to a good time. I picked up a new pair of trail shoes, Supernova's by Adidas. They were on sale and I haven't run in them plans to tomorrow either...they feel a bit stiff and bulky compared to my Montrails.

The weather this morning was perfect race weather, let's hope for more of the same tomorrow!

M is rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter at the moment, my mom just called from Florida and is apparently having luck turning her mood they say "it takes a village!"

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