Monday, August 21, 2006

Signs of Fall

Aside from some tenderness along the tips of my toes, a little tightness in my right calf and some grouchy knees, yesterday's 10 miler left me feeling tired but mentally ready for next Sunday.

I have to admit to also feeling a litttle burned-out. I'm looking forward to returning to a few less strenuous activities this fall. This has been an awesome summer and I have no intention of letting the hard earned new skills go stale. Swimming, riding and running for the pure joy and pleasure of it will take the place of "focused" training (haha...well focused for me anyways!)

Signs of fall are emerging. I've noticed quite a few spider webs and the air at night feels a little crisper. Back to school shopping and registering M for fall activities. My thoughts these days revolve around cooking more in my new kitchen, working on M's quilt and curling up with a good book.

Triathlon has consumned me this summer. I discovered a whole new group of bloggers and have been inspired and amazed by these dedicated men and woman. While I look forward to slowing things down this fall, for many of these folks who have trained for one or more years, September brings the ultimate challenge on the ultimate of playing fields: The Iron Man

I doubt that I will ever aspire to such a feat....
I am curious though.

I am curious to see if my swimming will continue to improve and if I will ever conquer open water . I'm curious to see if I will ever figure the bike out, if I will move from a pure kinesthetic relationship with it and develope a more technical understanding of it 's parts. Finally, I'm curious to see if I will ever have the desire to run a marathon, curious to know if I have what it takes.

Fall has alway's symbolized growth and new learning. These lofty thoughts come as a bit of shock really, even as I embrace the idea of change and growth. I will proceed with caution............ and curiosity.

Curiosity never killed this cat, it only made her roar.


Iron Pol said...

Thanks for swinging by the blog and leaving a comment. Time is a bit limited, but I did read through your race report. It sounds like you had a good time. And no, I can't believe that they were stopping the RACERS and not the traffic. I think I would literally fall over if that happened to me.

Good job on the training, and keep your sights set on achievable goals. Over time, "achievable" will become longer.

Anne said...

Curiosity never killed this cat, it only made her roar.

I love that line!!! I'm still unable to do anything "fun" like walk for any distance or drive, let alone run, but you're right. When fall rolls around, we start to dream up new goals.