Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hurricane Christine

I hadn't been running here in awhile. After 2 loops I'm usually pooped.
Not today, I could of kept going.....wretched time restraints prevented me from going longer....
Oh well a little something is always better than nothing. I think I tend to forget that if there's not time for a longer workout that even 20 minutes is keeping me consistent.....this level of fitness I'm striving towards is an accumulative thing and consistency is key.

I've been feeling a tad bit unsteady lately, a barrage of bullshit challenges one after another has rocked my reserve a bit ...when that happens I clean house. It's a way to get focused and it calms me down. T was a big help this week and I'd be remiss to overlook his ability to give me shelter from the storm so to speak....the self induced storm I can conjure up when I feel overwhelmed.

The clouds have parted, I see the blue on the horizon.
It's all going to be ok.


Black Knight said...

All of us have a hurricane inside and sometimes we need to give it the freedom! But now you see the blue and through that blue you can run with a smile on your lips! Take care and think positive. Ciao

Siren said...

I've decided that wanting to keep running but having to stop for other reasons is one of my favorite feelings. I used to get bummed about it, but then I remembered that it wasn't so long ago I couldn't run at all.

Hope things calm down for you soon!