Monday, September 11, 2006

Riding and Running

Got together with Arthur and Emily for a long ride this weekend...35 miles (3.5 hours in the saddle!), my longest ride to date. It wasn't the nicest day for a ride, gray with poor visibility. Starting my period the day before didn't help much. Let's just say it wasn't the most comfortable ride of my life. But so as not to be a total bitch bucket, there were some nice moments, the fast descents, feeling strong on the hills despite being tired...

We took Grizzly Peak to Redwood Regional Park. A detour on Pinhurst (will be in place through November) but a good portion of it was accessible from the south side. From there we headed over to Moraga, Orinda and up the backside of Tilden.

I just saw the film Prefontaine this weekend and really liked it, the soundtrack rocked! Man what an athlete! It's not unusual for me to watch a movie a couple of times in a row if I really like it. I watched a little of it again this morning while getting ready to run. My computer has been in the shop since Saturday and I needed help getting motivated. A "swift"
(ipod induced) 40 minute run in the surrounding neighborhood and back home taking time to stretch. I love me some Black-Eyed Peas in the morning.

My hair cut turned out pretty good but I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing a ponytail tomorrow. Yes, it's pretty and looks nice but it's highly unlikely that I'm going to take the time to blowdry, press and curl my hair everyday to achieve the look.


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