Saturday, September 02, 2006

Moments of Glory

There was a point during the race last Sunday, where everything felt amazing. The legs, the breathing, the cadence all synthesized and I felt like the strongest me ever.

It's taken a few days for me to appreciate this. Following a race, I often focus on what went wrong, what wasn't working. It's often several days later when I recall those moments where all is right and I feel for however brief as though I am flying.

And it's not long after, that I begin to run out of steam and my feet touch the earth once more and I am not so strong, not so fierce. But tempered and spent and tired and giddy and a little dehydrated most likely...

And then I'm sore and I take special care to stretch and hydrate, eat well and sleep. All because of this race, and hopefully future races. I want to keep this feeling. I want to remember why I do what I do.


Fe-lady said...

Oh please! NOT a tri-reality show. The major networks can't make an hour of IMH halfway interesting .really. unless they focus on the leaders and some freaks. It would be more BORING than the current Big Brother they are trying to shoe three times a week in my area. (ZZZZZZZ)
What has the world of triathlon come to..? It used to be to escape for a bit..
The documentary should be just what the Dr. ordered. (What it Takes...I don't know when it will be released tho.)

Mandy said...

Hi Christine! Your blog and posts have always inspired me. I had a month off of running, and I am getting back into it...again! I am running for fun right now, just trying to appreciate the pavement again for what it is.

Mandy from Spark.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Great post. All too often I focus on what went wrong when really I should just be taking in the whole experience. I am going to try this tomorrow when I run my first 25K. Thanks.