Thursday, August 31, 2006

1000 Yards

Big milestone today in the pool.
20 lengths in the 50 yd. lane....with hardly any breaks at all. I took nearly 30 minutes and except when I tried to practice half a lap of breast without putting my face in the water...the entire practice was freestyle.

I wasn't rushed . I took my time and had very enjoyable swim...probably the best so far. I'm talking quality vs quantity. I worked (a little) on bilateral breathing. I used the pull-buoy for 100 yards. Mostly though I just freestyled. I'm currently needing to breathe ....primarily on the right side...every third stroke.

I don't feel so wimpy about missing tonights open water swim at Crown Beach. Tracey was supposed to get back to me by miday but never did. I wasn't too disappointed!

M and T are off to Gardnerville this weekend and I will stay behind to watch the house and stay with Brandy. My mom is out of town and the girl that has house sat for us in the past moved. I don't dare ask my sister-in-law because she stays with her parents (my in-laws) just about every weekend.

I'm a little bummed about having to stay behind but I have a few projects to keep me busy. Ricki Lee Jones is going to play at the Art and Soul Festival in Oakland on Sunday.


TriSaraTops said...

GREAT job on the swim!!!! :) 1000 yards--yahoo! Awesome!

tri-mama said...

1000 yards is a great achievement! I never really swam before last year and it was a daunting thing to reach a mile. I did it in increments just like you are doing. I breathe every stroke to the right-it allows me to set a nice easy rythm with my breathing-which I imagine mimics what I do when I run-at least it feels the same. But breathing is definitely the key.