Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Curve Balls

I'm an unusually healthy person. I'm not prone to colds or the usual bugs like most. I work in a veritable germ pit...i.e. a nursing home and well, for better or worse my immune system is pretty solid. I was just saying to T last week, "you know, I haven't been sick in like over a year!"

Lesson#1 Count your blessings yourself!

I might as well have rolled out the welcome mat to illness because two days later I kid you not I felt the beginings of "something". It hasn't helped that I've been stressing too much and not sleeping enough. A couple of days I was in a plain old funk and couldn't get my butt off the couch as I watched the entire second season of Gray's Anatomy on DVD. As we all know increased stress and decreased activity is just asking for trouble. T and M have been battling a cold and this time the nasty bug latched onto me too.

The worse part of a head cold is not sleeping due to lack of oxygen. I tried propping up the pillows to sleep upright but couldn't get comfortable. The sore throat wasn't helped by breathing through my mouth all night. I sound all raspy, like that annoying newswoman on CNN.

I considered bailing out on my track workout today, I e-mailed Ana that I'd probably make it depending on how I felt. I have to say though, knowing that she would be there on top of having to be accountable here(the blog) weighed heavy on my mind. As I mentioned I seldom get sick.....but when I do I can be a bit of a wimp and I'm pretty confident I would of blown off running at 6:30 this morning if it were not for the accountability issues. Ana has a half in San Luis Opispo this weekend and is tapering and Terry's ankle was bothering her so all of we were all on the same page...TAKE IT EASY. I felt good afterwards.

I thought M and T would be gone by the time I got back, but she needed to stay home another day (don't worry Mia we're still on for Friday) I picked up her homework and she should be fine by tomorrow. Having a sick kid is never fun and the guilt you feel never gets any easier...guilt if you send them back to school too soon, guilt for not pulling your weight at work, guilt for being annoyed at the said sick child for being sick in the first place.

Somedays you just gotta roll with it, ya know?

Quote from Acts of Faith
Daily Meditations For People of Color

You don't own the future you don't own the past. Today is all you have.

-Les Brown


PortRunr said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon. Glad that the easy workout made you feel better - with a minor cold I've found it can be good to get the blood pumping to clear the head.

LouBob said...

I hate having a cold so will do about anything to prevent one. Take Lysine when you feel one coming on. Get better soon.

Black Knight said...

Take care, I hope you will feel better soon. When there is the flu I am always one of the first to get it despite the vaccination. I take my fingers crossed for the upcoming marathon.

christine said...

thanks everybody for the well wishes, I'm feeling better a little hoarse still but I'm up and running..hehe!