Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Training Friends

Ana responded to my craiglist post and we met up this morning at the King Middle School track along with her friend Terry who led us through a speed training session. It went like this:

1 mile warm up
2 miles intervals at 85% alternated with an easy pace
1 mile cool down

Ana's email came late in the evening and I waited until the last possible minute to commit.....none of my attempts to wimp out were letting me off the hook. Not the fact that my period started and I had cramps, not the fact that it was volunteer in class day, not the fact that Ana and her friend were 13 years younger than me.

Then in a last ditch effort to thwart my plans my mind really stretched and the seed of worry set in. What if Ana is not Ana and I'm being lured to the track on false pretenses? That last thought lingered as I hadn't met this person yet....I raised this point with T before heading out he just said "hmmmmmm, don't get out of your car until you see someone that looks like it could be her"

Well, that wasn't too helpful on account of the fact that I had to get out of the car to see the track entrance. I parked and walked up to the track and was happily surprised to see quite a few people running laps in the dark.........I asked a couple ladies if the were Ana...........then I noticed a car and a young women walking up to the field. Again, "Hi, are you Ana? oh good, my name is Chris......." A few minutes later her friend Terry arrived. They were both quite nice and we settled into a nice warm up . Ana is the newest runner, having lost major wt. with a walk/run program over tha past year (just like me) and ran the bridge to bridge run last Sunday. Terry is returning to running post ankle surgery.

It was easier than I thought it would be...........challenging but not nearly as complicated as the track workouts with coach during the triclub trainings. Next time I'll keep track of time, today was focused more on just doing it and getting to know my my new running friends. I'm so glad I went and I commited to meet them again same time same place next weds.


Black Knight said...

With new friends your workouts are easier and the time will fly fast. A lot of things to say and many miles to run.

Michelle 595 days said...

I didn't have to run in the rain...Saturday-Friday not a drop of rain. Sunny skies and warm temps! I couldn't believe it! Saturday we drove through some drizzle on our way to Mt. Rainier - an hour out - it was more blue skies. Oh and my favorite place to run is on a trail in the woods but my running partner's husband doesn't want her to, at least not at 5:30 a.m.

That was pretty gutsy about meeting someone from Craig's List, I've thought about doing that because it would certainly be nice to have a group to run with. I applaud your courage!