Sunday, February 25, 2007

Storms and other barriers

bad moods can wreak havoc on training.

an emotionally draining phone call from a distraught relative.

hustling a less-than-cooperative child out the door.

other things like foul weather, or plain old laziness can pose a barrier too.

i can usually work through the weather and the laziness...but the mental hurdles are the real training threats.

i find it most difficult to get out the door when i'm in a bad mood. my whole attitude is completely in the crapper and i am too irritated to focus on running.

most people don't get this, for me the anger is physically draining and i shut down and i usually

a) want to hash out the problem or
b) be left the fuck alone.

completely contradictory, i know.

that said, it would be reasonable to assume that i'd want to go for run, blow some steam off, right? not! i'm not really sure why, but the minute i've "lost it" all of my concentration and focus is tuned inward. i feel trapped in myself and negative thoughts lead to inactivity.

the anger management classess were helpful in reminding me that the anger comes in waves and if one can be STILL long enough to ride it out , eventually it passess.

being still in the mind is fine but perhaps i need to reconsider it on the physical level...

it's as though some degree of harmony with my surroundings, my relationships, my world is required for me to FEEL ready and able to care for myself.....which is really not that out there....when you think about it.

despite the current stormy weather i'm lacing up and heading out soon....but this mental hurdle of mine has cropped up too many times ....not just with running....with just about any good pursuit. it has me thinking what has my anger cost me?

running in bad weather is damn near easy compared to taking on a black mood....riding out the storm is all i can do. i keep thinking if i do so long enough i'll be able to break through the real barriers.


olga said...

Thanks for commenting.
Running with bad mood sucks, although the mood does change by the end of it...running with a bunch of problems burning a hole in your head sucks worse.

I actually heard only best things about Bizz marathon, but you may decide otherwise. May be you can do both?

Anne said...

I sometimes have the same problem with running when I'm in an exceptionally foul mood. The running just seems to enhance whatever ill feelings are festering, though sometimes they do provide temporary solutions. It helps to run in a group when that happens. And have a good cry when no one's around.

christine said...

hi olga,
i was really interested in BIZZ but realized a little late that my first marathon will be challenging enough without adding altitude,unfamiliar terrain and travel.

hi anne,
after i wrote this post i read an intersting article in TRAIL running magazine on mental training and i thought why not apply these ideas to training as well as racing....duh? if i can just get out the door (remove myself from the annoyance...a bit harder to do when it's crap rolling around my head) one suggestion was to come up with a mantra...i like the word "PUSH"

fortunately, i wasn't in a bad mood when i wrote this post and went on to have a really good trail run that morning...i'm just trying to figure out why i tend to shut down when a bad mood creeps in. i'm trying to Anticipate barriers instead of just getting side swiped.