Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little Queen

this has been a long ass week....whew one more day to go.

personal training is going well. the trainer herself is a bit lacking in personality but she's reasonably knowledgable and i'm getting the desired results.
next time i spend this kind of money though she'd better have a running background and know how to swim. i'm afraid this studio despite it's small intimate environment fell short in a few key areas. still i've made progress and my arms and abs a looking pretty hot!

M and i saw Dream Girls last saturday and promptly purchased the soundtrack afterwards. we listen to it in the car and usually drive around the block or sit in the driveway singing along with Jennifer Hudson as she belts out "And I'm telling you I'm not going" being the divas we are. love it love it love it.

i picked up a few other cd's too. Heart, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zepplin. I remember, being 13 and sitting in my best friend, Tricia's bedroom listening to Hearts "Little Queen" album and playing "Love Alive" over and over. god, i loved that song especially the really cool guitar rift in the middle...Tricia was the youngest of a large family, 4 older sisters and 3 older brothers. she always had access to the coolest music. i was motown and she was a rocker. i was sensible and athletic. she was wild and a partier. we made no sense but were the best of friends.

the first time i smoked pot was with Tricia out back of the old Spruce Drive In theater in South San Francisco. Her sister Christy would take us to the drive-in in her Datsun, ditch us for a few hours to hang with her friends and we'd drink beers and smoke until she came at the end of the movie to drive us back home. i haven't thought about that in years, funny how music can tap into old memories.

Tricia's parents both drank heavily. her mom would be seen downtown stumbling out front of some dive bar just wrecked. my home life wasn't exacly "Leave it to Beaver" but by comparison i had it easier...alot easier. she had alot more material things than i did and often i was envious. it took me a long time to appreciate the fact my mother was at least sober most of the time.

i caught up with Tricia back in the early 90's. time had not been good to her. she was heavily addicted to alcohol and had been in and out of recovery for the past several years. when we first reconnected she was heavily into John Bradshaw, a recovery and addiction self-help guru. she had a couple kids, one the unfortunate victim of fetal alcohol syndrome. she was pregnant with her third and appeared to be clean but was struggling. we tried to keep in touch but after she fell off the wagon again it just got too hard. the last i heard she had moved up north somewhere to be with the kids dad. i like to think away from the city and all it's trappings that she found peace up there in the redwoods.

rock on Little Queen