Friday, March 30, 2007


it's weird.

last week in the midst of everything i was able to stick to my schedule.
this past week has been a struggle.
i guess lastweek running was a matter of stress relief...this week i just feel DRAINED.
taking care of my mom, dodging a few family dramas and dealing with the pain in my neck that's been going on for a month ...i guess it's catching up with me.

on wednesday i had a most unsatisfactory sweet husband got me a gift cert at a sports rehab clinic in oakland. upon entering the place the wall was riddled with KONA triparaphanalia....a good sign...that these folks worked with athletes....or so one would think. sitting in the waiting room i filled 4 forms explaining history and current level of activity. i waited for my cmt. after waiting a few minutes, she arrived and i watched as she greeted every other client asking them if they were me. i finally had to introduce myself.
her appearance was not congruent with a studio that worked with athletes. overweight, and a bit too hippy dippy for my taste. i know that sounds so mean...i know image isn't everything but we sought this clinic for a very specific outcome.

cmt's like her are a dime a dozen where i live...often skilled but in a different way...more "energy focused" and less knowledgable of the mechanics of running. so i gave her a very detailed account of my specifics and hopped up on the table. the only time she touched my legs...was at the very beginning ...through the sheet...just to say "hello". the next 90 minutes was spent on my neck and shoulders....and she never really "dug in" i could feel her get close to a trigger point occasionally but she never lingered. it was the most annoying 90 minutes of my life!
i kept hoping things would get better...but they never did. let me just say i HATE having to guide a massage therapist once i'm on the table. i provide very detailed specifics emphasizing areas that need extra attention....once i'm on the table i don't want to have to give further direction. while i emphasized the pain in my neck i never occured to me that she would devote the entire seesion to it.
my neck still hurts and it's really putting a damper on the mornings. i slept with an icepack lastnight and it seemed to take the edge off.
T and M take off Sunday for their annual daddy/daughter spring fling to Gardnerville, NV. they come back on thursday and M and I will finish off her break.

i'll be hosting Easter this year so i'll be busy cleaning my house but will get some good early workouts in .

Play Date anyone?

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Anne said...

Geez, and knowing the cost of massages these days, I'm sure that 90 minutes of frustration didn't come cheap.

Enjoy the holiday preparations. Keep a bottle of booze hidden, yet handy. That's my advice when hosting family.