Monday, April 02, 2007

Good Start

i switched yesterday's 8 miler to this morning so i could be around Sunday morning for T and M as they set off for their daddy/daughter adventure. they headed out around 10:30 and while there was time to still run i started cleaning out the linen closet and that led to the bathroom drawers, then i attacked the laundry room and kitchen. not as enjoyable as a run would of been but very productive.
i'm actually looking forward to company next weekend.

today i set out at around 7 am mapped out a nice 8 mile loop from my house.
for the record:

from my house to Camilia
L on 4th st
pass the kayak lake (a nasty body of water paralell to Hwy 80)
and over the bicycle bridge towards the Marina
out and back on the pier
then over to the harbor

( i felt like i was in a video...i swear just as i arrived at this point "more to life than this" by Bjork came up on the ipod...if you know the song you'll know why i say this...she's bored at some party and wants to go down to the harbor and jump across the boats....)

loop over to Ceasar Chavez
3/4 around i twisted my ankle and had to walk for a bit...back on track before i knew it....
leaving CC
L on Bayview Trail to Gilman
i had to run in place for what seemed an eternity...i even ran around the block first...waiting for a long ass train to pass.

8 miles 1:28
not fast but not bad for a Monday morning ;0

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