Sunday, March 04, 2007

Trials on the trail

yesterday i asked M if she wanted to go for a bike ride and well let's just say she was less-than-enthusiastic. rather than bicker and cojole. i dropped it and proceeded to get dressed for a run instead. T was expected back soon and i could than go for a short BART trail run.

as i proceeded to get ready M announced that she would go for a ride. wanting to run now, i convinced her to ride her bike as i ran with Brandy in tow. after i hauled her bike out of the tent in the yard, i spent the next several minutes looking for Brandy's leash...only to be further delayed when Brandy bolted out of the front door...(she was anxious to go too!)i didn't have to work too too hard at getting her to come back and soon the 3 of us were headed for the trail. needless to say i was in a bit of a "mood" by the time we were underway. to have to work this hard just to get a measley little 3 mile run in seemed asinine.

the BART trail is split in two. pedestrians have their own lane and cyclist and runners keep to the main trail. our little band of 3 stayed to the right side of the main trail. i keep Brandy on a leash at all times on this trail and am very conscientious with on-coming traffic. keeping to the right as much as possible a cyclist from the rear can pass on the left around us no problem....except for this idiot woman on her bike who plodded past us grumbling that my dog was in her way and that it was safer for us to stay in the pedestrian lane.

any other time i would of blown this off but as i mentioned i was in a "mood". the idiot woman was barking up the wrong tree today and received a less than nice response to her suggestion that i switch lanes. i curtly stated that i had complete control of my dog, thank you very much.

so while not the most enjoyable run, i did manage to get the girls out for a little exercise. i knew i'd be getting my long run in the next day so it was all good.

armed with Mia's garmin i set out this morning to wildcat canyon. i've been guessing it's in the 9-11 mile range. had i not forgot to restart the garmin a couple of times i could say for sure. i made it a point to really work on slowing down. the first mile was 12:30 and i tried to go even slower. the weather was perfect and it took me a good 5 miles to warm-up enough to shed my outer layer. i followed Belgium all the way to San Pablo....this was even harder than my usual detour (2 big ass hills) that i usually take ...i walked off and on...which is what tripped me up with restarting the garmin, that and hydrating and guing......i saw a few hiker's with some of the sweetest little doggy's and even fewer runners along this part. it was a nice change from yesterday's busy urban trail.

once i reached the Nimitz it was still pretty much just me on the trail until i got about halfway. i spotted a women from my personal training studio...she and i have chatted a little and have our sessions on the same days with different trainers...i'll have to talk with her about maybe running together sometime.

i'll be meeting up with Catra on wednesday, were hiking in Mission Peak, another beautiful bay area trail system. it's been years since i've been there.

i'm pretty confident the run today was over 10 miles. i need to remember to turn the garmin back on after a rest period, guh!

i came home to a quiet house and have the luxury of blogging uninterrupted for a change. i just showered and feel completely refreshed and fatigued at the same time.

life is good:)

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