Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strawberry Canyon

i couldn't figure out why i was so tired this morning...i slept in until almost 7am....then i remembered i took a Benedryl lastnight. a few cups of coffee later Brandy and I headed out to Strawberry Canyon for a hill workout.

Taking Brandy always changes the focus a bit. Between keeping her properly hydrated and on the main trail always slows me down (not to mention Big Bertha and her minions!) she's one happy pooch i tell ya. especially once we get to the good mud holes.

i've been going back and forth with which marathon program to follow....Free being the operative word here i think i'm in shape enough to go intermediate with the
Cool Running on-line plan. i may need to tweek the schedule here and there but i think i'm headed in the right direction.

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