Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miday Run

thanks to an exceptionally exasperating patient...i had plenty of motivation to run at lunchtime....a HOT 3-4 miler...i must've left the garmin on after yesterday's run because when i went to turn it on 0 hrs. battery was left...oh well i had taken the time earlier to map out a 4 mile route using my car odometer...2 miles each way ...after only a couple of blocks i knew that it was going to be dreadful so i took a shortcut through the high school. i'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt that i ran at the very least 3.5 miles in around 40 i mentioned it was HOT and when i was done i beelined for the patio off of the gym and stretched awhile on the cool cement.

everyone at work thinks i'm nuts for running in the heat. i had a water bottle and i was SLOOOOOOOW. taking a shortcut was smart and it kept me from being over exposed....i'm not used to running in the heat at all....but with a marathon smack dab in the middle of Indian Summer i need to get used to it.

one of my co-workers is like a mom to us all she always brings us stuff to eat. we're a pretty close bunch sharing food and eating together often but after last summer when i swam at lunchtime they came to accept my skipping lunch with them to workout. for lunch i ate a bowel of cherrios and that same co-worker set aside a banana for sweet is that huh?

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