Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sick days

seems my uber workout on sunday exacerbated whatever bug was brewing. i've been home sick for 2 days. i woke up several times through the night on sunday and on monday morning i felt like i'd been hit by a truck. i was able to get a massage on the spot at a place not far from home...it was pretty good...though her draping techniques left something to be desired (it's customary to cover whatever body part is not being attended to as it is a little hard to relax when your ass is exposed while your upper back is being worked on) and she used mineral oil (eeewww) and then wiped it off with warm towels afterwards...time she could've been spending on my legs... but i felt better afterwards...the 800 miligrams of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours seems to be helping as well. this morning my t-shirt was soaked ...the fever finally broke but my throat still hurts alot and i'm still using the meds.

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