Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby Steps

after 3 days off of running i feel more than a bit apprehensive and can't seem to get out the door. i'm dressed and currently nursing my second cup of coffee. i didn't need to take ibuprofen for the first time this morning and my throat while still sore is feeling better. no aches or pains just a bit sluggish.

yesterday was my first day back to work...ugh. lastnight i pulled off all the patches from the audition board and started to rearrange them. easing back into quilting has been awkward too.

as with my running i have all these expectations for this quilt and i want to pick up where i left off....but that's just not realistic. still as i step back and look at my work i am thrilled by all the possibilities. a quilt is alot like marathon because it's the consistency of the work that creates this amazing thing in the end.

today i will just get out there. no expectations other than to get back into the groove.

1 comment:

Lara said...

Glad you're starting to feel better but do take it a little slow till you're back up to par.