Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do one scary thing everyday

a new run/swim shop recently opened up near my neighborhood. i p/u a few things and noticed the manager was a 30 something woman i had met before at another store. the sales associates were all YOUNG. i overheard a couple of them talking about their track and field conquest and was immediately intimidated.

they have a group that meets on wednesday nights at various trails. i haven't gone yet because i'm a chicken butt and am worried that it will be a bunch of young track hotshots and i'll be the only frumpy middle aged woman.
T agreed to p/u M so i could meet up with the group tonight since there meeting at Briones which is on my way home.

aahhh.....i'm working today and would really like to check out this run...partly because you need a permit to run there and i can access it with this group...but i'm SCARED i'll be too slow

i don't know if i'm gonna go or not.....but i'll pack my gear...just in case i stop being a chicken butt.

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