Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If it doesn't kill you it must be good for you.

occasionally i will post a question on my blog. last week i was wondering about speedwork and running frequency. neither question was answered and it got me thinking that when that happens i usually already know the answer and am merely looking for confirmation.

so i've determined that YES i can take 2 days off and be prepared to COMPLETE my marathon. as for track vs tempo/fartlek all of it is necessary to build speed and endurance... considering my goal for this race is to have the endurance to finish preferably with my dignity intact and i want to have some kick left in me in those final miles.

i jogged a couple of warm-up miles and then ran 3 sets of 440's at the track. i took walk breaks in between stopped to stretch and drink a little.
nothing special. it's still so hard. i just do the best i can. clearly i'm not built for speed. bleh!

oh well, off to the salt mines. have a good one:)

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