Sunday, June 03, 2007

ooh la lost!

the French Trail is the 4th segment of the golden hills trail marathon route and it pops up pretty quickly along the east ridge. a long steep descent that tapers off for a good long stretch (no clue how far the garmin signal was M.I.A.)before you start climbing. this is by far my favorite section yet.

on the way in i came across only 2 hikers going the opposite way...they seemed as surprised as i to see anyone've got to really work to get down in the canyon....not to mention work to get back to the main trail.

cruising along i would stop to check my map every so often but i think my over confidence led me astray and before i knew it i had passed my turn and found myself at the end of the French trail instead of the Chrown trail that would take me to the 5th segment.

i say surprised but i'm not really. it's a given that i will get lost the first couple of times before i figure out the right path. it's been that way pretty consistently since learning this race route.

i think i only covered 6 maybe 7 miles. i thought briefly of running on the west ridge to make up some mileage but i was too lazy.

i'm thinking i might want to switch my long runs to saturday since the race will be on saturday. which means more tweeking of the schedule.

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olga said...

Since I started running, it's all about running, and not quilting...or cross-stitching...even yoga went on back-burner:) And yes, I walk a lot too, and stop to take a view in or talk to hikers or just because I feel like it. Thankful is a good word. You'll make it to a marathon!