Friday, June 01, 2007


ok so it was bound to happen. running is becoming less enjoyable. i think i've come up against the first of many "walls". the daily runs are getting tedious...i don't know if it really suits me.

i hit the trail weds for a seriously tough hilly ass not-quite-6 miler. i was whooped afterwards. getting to bed a little late didn't help me the next morning and despite schlepping my gear to the time lunch rolled around i was still too tired to run. i'm not even going to explain why i ate that big ass cinnamon roll at 3 pm....

this morning is really perfect running weather and i have to log at least 5...ideally 7 so i can be free tomorrow for the dreaded yard sale....

questions for experienced marathoners....

can a person properly train for this distance by running every other day?

can i get away with fartleck/tempo runs vs track works?


i ran 8 flat miles in 1:15:00 this morning.

i was gonna skip running tomorrow but if i run just 5 that will make 35 miles for the week!

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