Sunday, May 27, 2007

necessary evils

so with a few good runs under my belt this week, easing back into things has come pretty easy. yea, it's all good again. friday's post work run of 7 miles was especially nice. i explored a new neighborhood and found some long hills for an exceptionally good workout.

yesterday i skipped my short run and attacked the storage unit. we're gearing up for a garage sale next week and can i just tell you I HATE HAVING YARD SALES! i've been putting this off for the longest time. my front porch is a scene straight out of Sanford and Son...much to the dismay of a few neighbors (in fact yesterday some neighbors were walking past our piles of crap and T whispered to me "tell them what we're doing" i suppose as a way to assure them that no were not going into the junk yard business and setting up shop in our front yard.) but, as they say it gets worse before it gets better.

i like getting rid of stuff but i really hate having to sort and price and worse haggle with people. if it were up to me we'd bypass the yard sale all together and it would all end up in a Big 'ol FREE PILE....and sitting next to it would be a guest book so i could send thank you notes!

once something has reached yard sale status i pretty much am over it and have no real need to get top dollar. i mean it's served it's purpose and now i want it the hell out of here. my husband on the other hand.....

i blame it on some kind've genetic birth defect...being the eldest son of depression era parents...his mother was the WORSE when it came to yard sales. she'd argue and get insulted when a potential customer would have the audacity to counter offer on some piece of crap. i remember one sale in particular...i don't even recall the piece of crap being sold but it was the end of the day and i just wanted to be DONE and i agreed too swiftly on a price and i swear to god my mother law called me stupid!

needless to say from that time forward she was banned from participating in future yard sales.

we don't have all that much to unload: a decent set of bunk beds is at the top of the list. all the bags of M's clothes i hauled out of storage would be better off passed along to younger cousins. don't even get me started on the stuffed animals. would you ever buy a stuffed animal at a yard sale?

truth is i don't accumulate all that much stuff. i laugh when i hear about men being designated a tiny corner of the closet for their stuff. HA not around here. t has at least 5x's more articles of clothing than i do (i wear scrubs, work out clothes, and a have few "nice" outfits) he on the other hand still has crap from the 70's. stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in decades. seriously, i have a chest of drawers and an small armour in the laundry room.

i'm married to a pack rat...and it's not limited to just clothes. in the eyes of an artist everything has potential. i can relate here as i tend to hold onto fabric, buttons, ribbons, doodads, and the like for YEARS in the hopes of using it in a project. but unlike T i do get the occasionally urge to purge which keeps things sane around here and the health inspector off my back.

okay, enough of that. i'm adequately caffeinated and have a long run to tend to(10 to 14 miles, depends on how i feel). the cool grey weather isn't exactly urging me to get out there but will make things comfortable temp wise. i'm working tomorrow (got to love that time and a half pay), but i hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.


i'm back from my run now. head and crosswinds added a bit of texture to an otherwise boring run. the grey never burned off and i feel kinda bad for those folks trying to get their BBQ on in the park. it's really just bleh out there. i followed gilman to the bayside trail that goes out to richmond.

i had an interesting experience around mile 9-10. i felt some pain and stiffness starting to settle in around my hips and at the same time that fuzzy feeling i get when the endorphins start to kick in. it was a well timed lift i tell you!

14:05 FLAT miles in 2:48 was about all the pushing i was up for today. after reading NYTROS marathon report. i had to laugh at the part about ass cramps. all this pounding the pavement was working my sciatic nerve and i knew what i was in for when i got first ice bath!

unlike nytro and her 3 bags of ice i opted for one bag in coolish water....hoots and howels ensued as M sat on the toilet laughing HER ass off as her mother writhed in agony for 6 whole minutes.

so now it's all good again. think were going to go see the new Pirates movie later and call it day.


Fe-lady said...

Good for you for covering the mileage needed! I am going half that tomorrow ....and I bet I will feel like you did after just 7!

Have fun at the movies-my daughter said it was good!

Lara said...

I hear you about the garage sales! I am of your mind and my sister gravitates to your MIL's point of view. We had a joint garage sale years ago and it about did us in. She haggled with a guy over something that was tagged for .50 - they finally settled on .35. Enjoy your sale!

Nytro said...

clearly, if you could only tolerate "coolish" water, you weren't hurting bad enough. that's how i know whether i'm hurt, or whether i'm injured (a throw back from my college days!)

hope you're feeling better! :)

olga said...

the garage sale description was totally hilarious! i am like you - get rid of stuff, luckely so is my husband. but i also hate putting tags and feel way to uncomfortable selling old crap. so once a centure it's ebay, but mostly it's a donation to goodwill store and a tax reciept.
and cold bath...that's what i tried back about 5 years ago, "a" cold bath with no ice. that was the end of this treatment:) i now just preffer not to be sore, or use ice packs.
good luck!