Saturday, September 15, 2007

this little light of mine

for me the hardest part about training is well training. as you know training is not the same as running. i've never been a hardcore athlete. not even in the midst of my hardest workouts did i ever love it. i know some people really like being in the zone, pushing their limits and leaving it all out on the course. i on the otherhand am more of the mindset: let's-see-how-little-training-i-can-get-away-with-and-still-do-this-thing.

i've been thinking allot about what kind of runner i am. i register for races to motivate myself to get the runs in but i'm not a "racer" per se. it helps to have something on the calendar to keep active. when i find it hard reconciling the different aspects of life training tends to take the back seat however not so with running. i'm quite content to substitute a training run with a shorter neighborhood run. any guilt i might have about it is easily soothed by the fact that something is better than nothing and i have taken the adage "do not be slave to the schedule" to heart.

does this make me lazy or uncommitted. a little i suppose, but i do like to run. i am totally converted . and while i may not dabble or be interested in some of it's deeper doctrine i have a testimony of it's power. i know i am happier when i stay active. i know i'm less so when i get off track. i am content with this little light of mine.


Anne said...

Just this morning I was thinking along the same lines as this post on running vs. training. You're so right that they aren't one in the same.

olga said...

and I am here with you on this post, girl!