Monday, September 17, 2007

4 weeks to go

i had my share of technical difficulties this week. plagued by malfunctions and dead batteries i grew agitated and impatient allot during training. even this computer has gotten on my last nerve.

ok it's not a serious issue when you compare it to REAL problems but still i have had to really dig deep not to abandon training and blogging about it all together. i wake up every morning with a stiff back. stretching and light running seems to help but i haven't really pushed myself since last sunday. with a handful full of easy runs and my last long run (26) this week this will be the last really tough week.

4 weeks to go


psbowe said...

wow, hmm i'm sure what i can suggest b/c i on the other hand look forward to the training runs and I love being in the 'zone'. crosstraining helps too, variety.

Good luck on the long run, you can do it, hang in there.

Black Knight said...

Enjoy the long run, I think that it is the longest workout before the big day.

christine said...

i think you nailed it. i havn't done much cross training this year...quilting doesn't really qualify now does it? i think i've ridden my bike twice this year....

black knight!
ciao bello, come va?