Tuesday, September 18, 2007


the past couple of months have been ...for lack of a better term...surreal. you know i've got this little race coming up in less than a month and i really should be freaking out about the fact that i've been so lax but i'm not. if anything i've become less interested.

bella commented on yesterday's post and i think she totally nailed the cause of my malaise: lack of cross training. i think as much i like running i burned my self out early on during base training. for awhile i swimming then that grew problematic logistically and i've really only ran all summer.

nevertheless, i'm looking forward to see what day will bring. i will LOVE being out there. eastbay regional trail offers some of the finest trail running in the state and while i may not be in top form i'm ready to give it shot and just enjoy putting in a good effort.

hopefully i'll get a chance to meet olga, she has been such an inspiration to me. she is the very essence of perseverance.

i'm just gonna do my best and have fun out there. it's liberating not to be stressing too much. though i still need to check out the last 6 miles of the route and there is a little fear now that i've been stung the last 2 times along the huckleberry section.

oh well come what may. it's definitely going to be an interesting not to mention long ass day!


olga said...

Christine, I hope to meet you too! I just talked to a friend who invited me for the Firetrails in the first place, and I promised whatever I do in between now and then I won't let myself get hurt so I can come out, even if I will run at a slug pace. I love SF and the Marines, and even more so - my friends there!!! Stay positive and focused, things fall in place, often when you least expect them.

Sarah said...

You will love it out there! Some of my best races this year were the ones I considered just training runs. Now my goal is to have as much fun as possible and enjoy every moment. Olga's right, things often fall into place when you least expect them! : )

psbowe said...

That sounds like a fun marathon...it's like, why did it take me so long to discover trail running events! Now I'm hooked, can't wait for next year...will do more of those rather than the road stuff.

Yeah, I know it's so easy to get in this single track mind where we don't look outside the box until someone distracts us a little.

Good luck, you'll do great.