Monday, October 22, 2007


i haven't let more than 4 days go by in between runs for over a year. after 7 days off my 4 miler on sunday was challenging. drinks on friday and saturday, rich food, less sleep and poor hydration didn't help either.

when i was training i often thought about how nice a non-training run would be. no pressure no plan just run to run. now here it was a week after the race and i was thinking how easy it was getting to keep putting it off. by the time sunday rolled around i finally laced up and headed for the nearby baytrail. as i stepped outside the bright sunny sky and the right itune had me all "what was i thinking?" sure i started out a little too fast and the second half felt harder and longer, but i was happy to be running again.

miagoddess truly is a goddess. she graciously offered to keep M over so T and I could have a little "aaalone time" on saturday night. it was heaven, we had drinks and dinner at jack london square, and listened to David Sanchez, a young hot talented Brazilian saxophonist at Yoshi's jazz club.

so seriously i need to rethink this post marathon non-training run running mode i'm trying to enter without being too much of a slacker. i have a few balls in the air, running will keep me grounded just nothing too structured or long for awhile.

i can't help but wonder how the southern cal bloggers are all doing. the elements are fierce right now. my thoughts and prayers also go out to the fire and law enforcement officials. be safe and well everyone.

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