Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lake Anza

Monica and I pulled into the Lake Anza parking lot at exactly the same time.  we chatted on the beach for as long as it took me to shove myself into my wetsuit.  i went in first zig zagging my way to the furthest end .  when i left the house earlier it was pretty overcast and windy but by the time i reached the park  (which well above sea level) it was all sunny and clear lifting my mood a smidge

for all my complaining Monica is a good swim partner.  she's mellow and doesn't take any of it too seriously  which was exactly what i needed today.  i swam for maybe 25 minutes.  i started to feel guilty for not going longer and for Monica coming from Pinole  ( i paid for her swim fee it was the least i could do ) but we'll do it again and the goal was to get past my swim funk which i did.  it's really pretty up there and there weren't too many people at noon, though our spot was a bit more crowded when we got back on land  then when we entered the water.  i had a bit of a headache so i didn't feel guilty for too long about not swimming longer. we had a good visit on the beach before going our separate ways.


Black Knight said...

Good you had a swim partner and you were wise not to push so you could avoid a stronger headache. Do you pain to swim across the lake?

christine said...

Ciao BK....between the wetsuit and being mid July swimming is pretty comfortable temperature wise..what is painful is the lack left side is breathing and stroke are lousy!