Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh lordy.......Sleep is ever elusive. Monday night someone tried to enter T's truck sounding off the alarm at 12:30, and this morning around 1am M got sick ...Major mop up!!! All the linens and blankets had to be washed......uuugh!
I gave up trying to go back to sleep, caffeinated and waited until 6 for gym to open. Pulled off 3.25 in 29:00 flat had to hussle home for T to get to work.......Alas, what do I find upon my return?? Both of them sound asleep!!!!!!

I had a really shitty day at work yesterday and calling off today is sure to wag some tongues, I'm not even going to bother to offer to come in on Saturday!

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susie said...

Yow, it sounds like you needed a day off.Hang in there...