Saturday, December 17, 2005

Nice 70 plus minute run up at Wildcat Canyon this morning. I got a later than usual start, and was on the trail at 9:16. I noticed a couple of things, pulling on the tops of both quads and a little "twitching" in my rt. calf. No pain, breathing was fine.
I had a GU and half a plain bagel and some juice.

As it turned out my timing was good. I hadn't checked the weather report and was unaware of rain in the forecast. 35 mins out , I turned around and I noticed the first signs of drizzle, a mist really . It felt a little surreal, all grey and quiet, I was pretty much alone. Luckily it never amounted to much more than a drizzle that didn't pick until I returned to the parking lot.
No joke!!!

Brandy and I got busted by Mr. Ranger on this trail earlier this Spring. I didn't quite understand his directions when I asked him how to access that part of the trail that allows dogs. I'm sure he mentioned go Northeast up blah blah blah.
Theres another entrance to this trail that allows dogs. The one other female I saw was walking her dog and I asked her how she accessed the trail and she gave something more akin to a description rather than actual directions and I think I understood. Will go check it out.

So, now it's been raining quite steadily all day, and we just got back from spending pretty much all day at M's winter Showcase. The Tilden trails are gonna be a mess tomorrow.
I'm grateful for my typical oblivion when it comes to practical matters or I would've checked the weather report and talked myself out of going today.
I'm so resting tomorrow.


Black Knight said...
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Black Knight said...

Wildcat canyon, it sounds like a very beautiful place to run through. 72 minutes: very good job!

psbowe said...

yeah, those rain will sneek up on you if you're not careful. Nice run though.