Wednesday, February 15, 2006

100 minutes

Today I ran 100 minutes non-stop. Not sure how far I got but that's not as important as the fact that I ran 100 minutes without stopping!

I was going to run the Nimitz but at the last minute decided to check-out Wildcat Canyon.
I didn't hit the trail until 10:35 am, I was moving extra slow from the having taken a night time cold med lastnight, I just couldn't get going. The sluggish feeling had me hemming and hawing about where to run, how hard I was willing to work, which shoes to wear....

Wildcat is off road and the dirt was hard packed, I wore my Keyano's instead of my Montrails and felt the difference right away. My feet felt lighter but my footing wasn't as sure, so I avoided rough spots.
I also tried a new hydration system today, my camelbak dream. It's intended for cycling but I gave it a try on the trail, it worked out well after a few tweaks here and there, I like it much better than my hand-held system and will most likely use it on race day.

This trail is a lot flatter than Strawberry, but without distance markers I can't say for sure how long it is but it felt further. I turned around after about 45 minutes. At 90 minutes my legs grew tired but I felt like I could keep going, a voice in my head kept whispering something about a 10% rule, (up till now the longest I've run is 85 minutes) so,15 extra minutes didn't feel like I was overdoing it.

I was sure to walk a good while afterwards, I thought about what David said(Adventures in the thin trade David) when he couldn't get his stride back after stopping during the marathon, I really understand that after today, my legs felt wobbly and I couldn't of run again if I had wanted to. I found a picnic table and stretched for a good long time, then layed back and closed my eyes feeling the sun on my face and for a little while basked in the utter contentedness of it all.


susie said...

Excellent!!! I love those milestones. Everything is really working together for you now. I'm surprised you didn't take a long nap in that sun:)

LouBob said...

Woohoo! Good for you and thanks for the idea of using a camelback for long runs where water is hard to come by. I don't know why i've never thought to use one.

Mia Goddess said...

Wow! 100 minutes is awesome. Truthfully, I've been missing the "long run" and since I started running slower, I keep wanting to just keep you said. Maybe someday soon I'll do just that. A camelback is a great idea.

Running Chick said...

that's awesome!!

i've used one of the waist-mounted camelbacks for trail runs before...and for a while, it worked well. then all of a sudden, i just couldn't stand having anything around my waist.

for the last two marathons, i've just carried my gatorade bottle.

i'm going to try a fuel belt next and see how that feels. gotta keep experimenting til we get it right!

Mandy said...

Hey, very cool to see your spot! Your run sounds like it was fantastic! Way to go on your milestone....makes me feel a little braver facing 70 minutes on Sunday. (I usually run miles, but I time my runs when I am out of town and running in unfamiliar places.) My first race this spring is 2 weeks from Sunday. Its my first 10K, hoping that I'll finish in an hour. I also noticed that you have a chow-boxer mix dog. I have two chows still at home in Oklahoma, I can't wait to see them next month!. Mandy--From Up and Running on Spark

runr53 said...

I remember a picnic after the Lake Chabot Half where we had Mimosas, Salad and chicken, and much fun. Definitely pretty running country out there! Oh , heres your hug! Sorry its late, hehe!

psbowe said...

100 minutes, that huge! I remember how happy I was I ran 90 minutes nonstop! Way to go!

jeff said...


what camelbak setup are you using? a waist belt or backpack? i've always used my trusty mule for trail running. i like that i can get a full 100oz in it and carry other things like a shell, food and a camera. there's a shoe company that rocks. i used to product test their stuff back when they were one-sport. i still have my old trail shoes, and they still hold up well!