Friday, February 24, 2006

Whew! I'm back on-line!

Shit hit the fan on thursday night and my computer has been in the shop. My computer guy had to wipe the slate clean and I've got to reinstall everything.
Wow 9 comments while I was away!!
Glad to report the running is going smoothly, though I've been slacking off in the weight lifting department (I'd like to think that all the people I lift, move or transfer from point A to point B qualifies as some form of weight lifting!) and I finally found the access trail for dogs off leash at wildcat canyon. Brandy is a very happy pooch these days.

So, I've got to reaccqauinted with this computer. I'm still trying to access my e-mail!


susie said...

You know, we start to worry when people disappear after a few days! Glad everything is ok. The good thing about a clean computer is that it will be faster now.

LouBob said...

Wondered where you'd been, to bad it wasn't a real holiday.