Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Omen

I had the weirdest dream.early this am. I was debating on weather or not to run on the BART trail early.........still dark early, It runs to Richmond, a less savory part of the trail..next I'm on the trail and it's creeping me out......up ahead I spot a figure staggering with arms outstretched (note: I watched "Sean of the Dead" recently) yikes! Zombies up ahead.....and then I wake up. Spooked and irritated, I decide NOT to run On the BART in the dark. I log on and check out a new Blog. On it the a link to Endurance Radio.........very cool indeed, with audio tracks to inspire as I get my shit together .....this leads me to an interview w/ Gillian ? a gal who runs 100 miles for fun. she's super down to earth and and has a website called Zombierunners.com!!!!
A site totally devoted to trail and Ultra running.....Gillian spoke of why she runs and how she trains, the hi's and lows. Just what this 42 y.o wannnabe needed to hear right about now.....yay!

Maybe all this fear and doubt I've been having is related, somehow my subconscious led me to this new blog ( Susie I draft off your site all the time, thanks for being so technically fabulous!)
I think it's all related somehow. I'm in a rush and should credit DMZ for leading me toEndurance Radio.
Now, I need to drop M off and run while the rain appears to be taking a break.


psbowe said...

That's weird and kind of funny(sorry), hmmmm

Anne said...

Boy, and I thought I had some wild dreams. BART...Richmond...trails...zombies... Oh my! Those interviews on Endurance Radio are indeed inspirational, aren't they?!

Mandy said...

That is really funny! Sean of the Dead was filmed in my neighborhood of London. We love that film. But spooky stuff.

I hope that you are having a great running week! Mandy from Spark.

Running Chick said...