Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Meet Brandy

for the record i love running with chris, but lately she's been going solo in favor of not getting her back wrenched. Posted by Picasa


Anne said...

What a cute pooch!

Anne said...

What a cute pooch!

LouBob said...

Nice dog! How does she wrench your back? Shear power?

susie said...

Sweet pup:)
And about pizza before working out? Have I learned my lesson....yes.
Your workouts are sounding so solid, Chris. You are so ready.

christine said...

loubob - yeah, unless she can run off leash i tie the leash around my waist which is fine unless she spots a leaf or something blowing in the wind, she 75 lbs and strong!

susie - thanks, but boy am i beat today, i'm glad i don't have anything on schedule until tonight's last swim class.i need to continue with lessons and am looking at alternatives.