Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yay for Hump Day!!!

This morning's 40 minute swim practice went pretty good, i warmed up with and w/o the kickboeard and NO flippers for the entire workout. what i tend to do is kick too hard causing me to fatigue too quickly. today i made a super conscious effort to slooowww dooown! i focused alot on rolling side to side, turning my whole body when i need to breath vs craning my neck and head upwards. the idea is to elongate and roll to the side than breath through the side of your mouth. i can do this a few times than i start to struggle, start kicking too hard and than inevitably ingest water.
then it occured to me i could just stop. i usually just continue struggling until i get to the other end of the lane, but then i remembered i could just stop, catch my breath and continue. i guess my reasoning before was there's no stopping in the middle of the lake so i'll have to keep going....then something i read kicked in and it occured to me to roll over until my face was completely out of the water so i can breath.
the swimming articles,videos and time i spend in the pool are starting to synthesize. i'm still not loving night time swim schedule, but i am loving the little progress i'm seeing on my solo days.

i went for a decent ride up centinell past strawberry canyon . as i approached the botanical gardens , sweat was rolling down my face i planned to pullover for a rest. my legs were working big time and as i pulled up to the curb, directly across the street from a very crowded bus stop, i dumped over on my right side. i guess my leg was so fatigued that i lacked the strength to twist out of my cleat. it was hilarious, after a quick check of the bike....she was ok....i gave the crowd a thumbs up! one gal even walked over asking if i was okay (very nice i thought) i assured her i was fine, not even a scratch, on me or the bike! i was practically at a stand still when i went down. i feel like a real biker now!
after my rest break, i hopped back on and continued up the bad ass hill, she was starting to kick my ass now, so i started to serpentine, careful to check both side of the roads, it was a slow trek to grizzly peak. i regretted leaving my windbreaker home, cuz the ride home was all down hill, fast and a little chilly. but what a rush hauling ass down relatively traffic free streets, not too many cars that time of the day. again, yay for hump day!

got home around the time t comes home for lunch and we went to the gym together. i did a super lite upperbody workout, and read an article in shape magazine while T rode the stationary bike. this morning he had his treadmill test to rule out any heart issues and came home with a clean bill of health...yay! tonight, triclub meets at berkeley high for another speedworkout w/coach.
er, no pizza an hour before working out this time!


Veeg said...

That sounds terrific! Mother Nature has not cooperated on my scheduled rides yet, so it's been all spin bikes, all the time for me. I'm crossing my fingers for Friday morning, though!

Mia Goddess said...

I fell on my bike at a stop sign during a century (100 mile ride). I couldn't get out of my clips. I lay there like a tipped over turtle, my bike still attached and air born. It was....pretty embarrassing! My friend, who was 10 minutes ahead, heard from the guy who past me about "some poor woman" who capsized. er, That would be me!